Return Policy

Please return your item within 10-days for in-store credit at our B Original location inside Chartreuse.

Due to the unique, imperfect nature of vintage jewelry, we ask that you carefully inspect all items prior to purchase.  Please see Disclaimer, Repairs and Care for more information.

If we are able, we will repair items, free of charge if damage is communicated within 24hours of purchase.  We are not responsible for items that have been worm or owned for more than 24 hours without notice of damage.

Online Returns:

Please read all descriptions and closely inspect all photographs.

We will refund your purchase only if our description clearly misrepresents the item.

You must contact the store via email within 3 days of receiving your article, in order to qualify for any return or exchange.

Refunds on shipping returns are at the discretion of B Original and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

If an item is damaged during shipment, we will repair (at our discretion) at no charge.

Please see our notes on Disclaimer, repair and care.


nless otherwise noted, all products on this website are costume jewelry. The precious metal content of costume jewelry is primarily pot metal, gold plated, silver-plated or below grade gold fill. The value of vintage items is in their age and design, not in the precious metal and stone weight.

Because we have more than one location and because each item is one of a kind, we require a 48-hour online confirmation prior to shipping to ensure that items listed are still available for purchase. If an item that you ordered is no longer available, you will be refunded the full portion of your purchase.

Every attempt has been made to disclose accurate information about each item.

Due to the fact that much of the vintage jewelry was never signed or documented, most of our information is assumptive,

Based upon our industry and product knowledge, we strive to provide the most accurate and detailed descriptions possible.  We conduct research on most items and present findings when possible.  Due to the age and used condition of our jewelry, we cannot guarantee accuracy of all product information

Please see return, repair and care information.